If you like history with a human face, the second book of The Schellendorf Series, Versailles Legacy, is a good place to try.

The German post-war recovery in 1933 still staggers under the crushing terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Erich von Schellendorf, a career cavalry officer, has two desires in life: that his beloved wife, Britt, can break free from the psychological turmoil that prevents her from living life to the full; and that he can ride on the German equestrian team in the 1936 Olympics. Both dreams seem reasonable, until a British agent named Trudell blackmails Erich into doing a small job for Special Intelligence Services. And a political rabble-rouser named Adolf Hitler seizes absolute control of the German government.

Author Lyn Alexander grew up in Ottawa, Canada during the war years and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force directly out of high school. She has travelled much of western Europe, the USA, and most of Canada, and speaks three foreign languages badly.

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