Don’t you miss the old Cold War? I remember the good ol’ days when everything was clean and proper. Good boys on the right, bad boys on the left, the Iron Curtain in the middle, and no need to worry about everything beyond your local elections.

Then the Soviet Union collapsed and since then everything is crumbling into ratshit.  New Russia is no more restrained by the ethics of Communist ideology and, flying high, aims right at your backyard.

Don’t believe me? It sounds like fake news to you? Well, sadly it’s not the case.

European Council on Foreign relations had published an interesting summary on the mix Russia is meddling with.  According to EC, the most pro-Russian parties (of a significant size) on the far left are Germany’s Die Linke, Podemos in Spain, the Czech Republic’s KSCM, Cyprus’s AKEL and Greece’s Syriza. The Italian Five Star Movement and the Human Shield Party in Croatia also belongs to the pro-Russian camp.

The most pro-Russian parties on the far right are: France’s Front National, UKIP in UK, the AfD, FPÖ, Greece’s Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik, Italy’s Northern League and Belgium’s Vlaams Belang (VB).

So now Russia is not only messing with the far left parties, but also with the far right, and if you don’t watch out, the shit will hit you right at home. It stinks already.

THE French Front National recognised Russia’s annexation of Crimea and, in turn, received a nice loan of €9.46 m from a bank with links to the Kremlin. UKIP’s victorious Brexit already has created havoc and weakened Europe for at least a decade.  Ask yourself – who is the winner if Europe is weakened?

Voting patterns in the European Parliament shows that on issues such as the human rights situation in Russia, and association agreements with Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, the Dutch PVV leads the pack in pro-Russian votes. UKIP, the Sweden Democrats, Italy’s Northern League, and France’s Front National come in a shared second place. Insurgent parties from the far left – Spain’s Podemos, Greece’s Syriza, and Germany’s Die Linke – follow proudly.

First, all of these parties (except Syriza and PVV) oppose EU sanctions on Russia. Secondly, they oppose the full implementation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) with Ukraine. And thirdly – all are Eurosceptic. So when you make grimaces about immigrants, talk about taking back sovereignty and shout for ditching  EU, think twice who will benefit from your decisions.

I know you are busy, and I know politics are boring, but if you blindly follow the soundbites provided by the media, we all will be doomed. Democracy only works when a voter is able to make a weighted, knowledgeable decision.