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Month: July 2017

Interested in life under the Soviet rule?

Interested how it was, how it really was to live under the Soviet rule? I’ll be on reddit later today to answer your questions (and plug my book). See you there!

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Why do conservatives fall for Putin’s lies?

For decades, the Soviet Union bewitched the left. Now some of the Kremlin’s biggest admirers are rightwingers, says Edward Lucas in The Times.
Republicans used to revere the American intelligence community; now only a third of them share the CIA’s belief that Russia interfered in the presidential election. Nearly half regards Russia as an ally now. Those with favourable views of Vladimir Putin have tripled in two years, to 32 per cent.
The same thinking is cropping up in other countries too. The hard-right Alternative for Germany takes an anti-Nato, pro-Kremlin line (and, incidentally, draws support from Germans of Russian extraction). The Sweden Democrats, a Scandinavian counterpart, are pro-Kremlin. So is the right-wing Fidesz party which rules Hungary, and the nationalist Independent Greeks, part of that country’s coalition government.

This approach is reminiscent of left-wing sympathy for the Soviet Union. The less you actually knew about the workers’ paradise, the easier it was to be enthusiastic. The abominable conditions it inflicted on its workers, the grotesque inequality, the climate of fear and the lies about history belied all its claims to be humane or heroic.
Russia interferes systematically in our political systems, most conspicuously by stealing politically sensitive information and leaking it, as the American and French presidential elections bear abundant witness.

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…our world has never been so fractured

Une prise de conscience doit se faire : notre monde n’a jamais été aussi fracturé, les biens communs jamais aussi menacés : la démocratie, les libertés individuelles, l’égalité femmes-hommes, l’éducation et le climat. Il y a encore beaucoup à faire pour que l’action soit à la hauteur de ce que nous devons à nos populations, à celles et ceux qui vivent sur notre planète mais aussi à celles et ceux qui y vivrons demain.
C’est le principal défi de notre génération.

(Emmanuel Macron)

8 reasons why Russian Communism and Russian Orthodoxy are so interchangeable

An interesting read from Paul Goble about why Orthodox Russians remarkably quickly became communist Soviets after 1917, and many communists, no less easily, “again adopted Orthodoxy immediately after the fall of the USSR.” For them, “the code of the builder of communism and Christian teachers are two variants of a single text.”



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