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Month: September 2017

To be or not to be – October the 1st, Catalonia

After the Brexit vote European future will be challenged again on October 1st in the little Catalonia. Catalonians want independence referendum, Spain stands strong, calling it illegal and banning it. There is no constructive dialogue between both sides, and that can only end up in a huge disruption, sooner or later. Continue reading

Free press and building democracy

THIS is a long, detailed and very interesting story from a far-faraway country about the far-faraway people. Journalists, actually. Trying to do their job. Oh, wait a minute… Actually it is a story about USA and Europe helping these journalists… or not? Read it and next time, when you, you personally, donate your hard-earned dollars, euros, bitcoins (or whatever currency you prefer) to a charity, do your homework first.

Have doubts about Holodomor?

What if someone tried to steal your life and nobody cared?

Fortress Swallow’s Nest Castle Crimea Black Sea

My friend Joe has this really nice property that ends at a beautiful lake in Texas. It’s about three acres, wooded. Across the road from his place are some other, less lucky owners. I mean, their properties are big, 10 acres and more, but they don’t have a lakefront. In fact, his neighbor Tony talked Joe into letting him set up a barbecue pit on the beach. Tony’s always telling Joe what a great property he has, even though Tony has more than three times the acreage. Sometimes Tony’s beach parties get a bit rowdy, but he always invites Joe and his wife to join in, so Joe doesn’t mind, even when they don’t. Tony makes a point of telling Joe what a babe his wife is, too, which Joe doesn’t mind, because Tony is a paunchy, balding 59 year-old who likes to walk around bare-chested and flex his muscles. Joe’s wife just laughs when he does that. Sometimes when he’s drunk, he waves his Luger around and fires the occasional shot into the air, which the kids think is very cool.

Then one day, Joe comes home from work to find his neighbor Tony sitting at the kitchen table, Luger in his hand, Continue reading

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